A note re: Keynote

It has begun! The ARF Re: Think 2008 convention has officially commenced, and what an inspirational start. This morning’s keynote session did exactly as it was intended to do.

The 3 Keynote speakers set the tone, amped the cause and kicked-off what is sure to be a very educational and forward thinking 3 days.

Alan Wurtzel, from NBC Universal Research hit the nail on the head – we’re in a sea of change, and the only way to keep from being crushed by the waves is to research and adapt accordingly! Exploring the influx of new media types provides new avenues for advertising, marketing, and of course research.

Sean Bratches of ESPN explored diversification in ways to reach fans (consumers and customers). Coming full circle, technology is also giving fans new ways to interact with their favorite brands (or in some cases, their least favorite). Something to think about: how are you reaching out to your brand’s fans, and how are you encouraging them to interact with you?

Carla Hendra of Ogilvy demonstrated the very innovative model their organization is adopting in order to better serve their clients. By flattening the hierarchy and bringing all of the diverse and creative elements of the company together, they can provide a complete 360 solution in a fast and efficient way. I would venture a prediction that we’ll be seeing more adoption of this type of model as we forge forward in this diverse and ever changing world. The need to integrate diverse specialties and expertise channels is even more important as the landscape continues to evolve and change.

Of course the panel on Media-agnostic ad agencies provided very interesting insignt into the world of agencies who are forging forward and innovating in the way we can all start to integrate new-media into the ways we reach out to our customers and potential consumers. Bring these new media options into your office and see how they expand your horizons. Are your colleagues on  social-networks? Do you use Flickr and Twitter to interact with your colleagues and peers? Doing so may help you to find new ways to use these mediums to connect with consumers.

 Themes to look out for over the next few days:

  • Digital opportunity
  • Investing in research = investment in the future
  • Re-invention
  • and most excitingly, innovation!

We’ll be blogging throughout the conference, so stay tuned for updates, thoughts, questions, themes, etc. Be sure to check out the Keynote Opening Session sponsor Peanut Labs, Inc.