The Accountability of Research

Have a look at this post.


“Elsewhere on brand republic, someone suggests that WPP is buying another research company because “research is measurable, and WPP likes measurable things”. I would suggest this is the complete opposite of the truth. Research panders to the love of measurement, for sure, but as a marketing activity I cannot think of anything less subjected to rigorous cost-benefit analysis than the money, time and effort squandered, oops, I meant ‘invested’ in researching things.”

Do you agree?

On a side note, buying a company during a recession, regardless of this accountability question, is a smart business move.


Social Sampling

People often ask me what Sample 3.0 is and why its important. Sample 3.0 is our social network-based sampling product through which Peanut Labs delivers profiled and targeted sample to market researchers. It’s important because of one very important reason:

Social Networking usage has OVERTAKEN email usage. This data is from 2007, and I’m sure if you do a more recent search through proprietary comScore / Nielsen data the difference between Social Networking and web-email usage will have grown even further.

Advertisers have clearly noticed this fact, and the ad market for social networks is expected to be worth $2.2bn in 2008. People, especially young people and professionals, are using communities and social networks to communicate with each other, keep track of colleagues and friends, and connect with business prospects. This is not just for teens – take a look at Linkedin, Plaxo and Xing. Plaxo was recently acquired by Comcast, and Linkedin was valued at over $1bn by a recent venture financing.

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