A Great Mind: Ali Moiz


For the past 54 years, the best and brightest in advertising, marketing, and media research have stormed the halls of the ARF Annual Convention and Expo.  This year’s Re:Think 2008 show promised the same allure of years past, and indeed, delivered just as much action-packed excitement.   

As we reach the climatic close of the convention each year, ARF takes time out to recognize the rising stars in research innovation.  These important leaders of the research industry have taken the initiative to pioneer new methods and strategies, offering unique solutions to our dynamic industry.  This recognition comes in the form of the “ARF Great Mind Awards,” presented to only those few professionals whose excellence is uncannily seen in the eyes of the market research industry.

The 2008 ARF award for the development of the most innovative research idea, AKA “The ARF Innovation Award,” goes to Ali Moiz, COO, and one of the chief “nutty professors” behind the innovative research sample and related technology-based solutions of Peanut Labs. Inc!

Our hats off to all of this year’s award recipients, and to Ali, and his industry leading powerhouse at Peanut Labs!