A Sea Change for Monetization: Peanut Labs Announces Deals of the Day for Social Gaming

What will harnessing the power of collecting buying power get you?  Perhaps gourmet cupcakes for less than half price, great massages for a steal, or a notable mention in 2 major online publications?

Peanut Labs' newest product, CherryDeals

After diligently plugging away in the depths of our lab (shaped like a peanut, no less), our team of talented engineers & mad geniuses have emerged from under our think-tank silo to present to the world a better way to connect the buying power of our 200 million users with local and national businesses.

Today on TechCrunch, and Inside Facebook, Peanut Labs announced the launch of Cherry Deals, a new service that is geared to revolutionize not only how users will earn virtual currency, but how we find new deals in our neighborhoods, as well as deals on a national level.

As our COO Ali Moiz insists in the article, “We are not reinventing the wheel.” Rather than reinvent the wheel, Peanut Labs tweaked it – we put new tires on that bad boy and got the wheel ready for a whole new world.

Cherry Deals operates on the fuel of collective buying power like a few of our precedents, however, rather than working from the ground up, Peanut Labs operates on the fuel of collective buying power of our pre-existing 50 million users on our national level, soon expanding to 200 million + worldwide.  So not only can our users take advantage of tantalizing discounts from their local and national businesses, but they can also earn virtual currency from doing so!

So, with the addition of Cherry Deals, users now have 3 alternatives to earning virtual currency, completing surveys, completing offers and purchasing a deal through Cherry Deals.

Here’s a more in-depth explanation:  Cherry Deals works with local businesses in metropolitan areas to create deals that increase clientele for those businesses. In turn, the deal is then posted, for a limited time, alongside Peanut Labs’ existing survey and offer setup where users can purchase the specific deal and receive currency in return.

These deals deliver high-value content to users and promise to take the high-quality user experience Peanut Labs has built its foundation as a survey platform on to a new level of success as a full suite of turnkey monetization options.

If you are a local company and would like to know more about how Cherry Deals can help boost your business, please visit the Cherry Deals website.


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