Take a Stand for Haiti: 60 Minutes on How your Organization Can Get Involved

Join host Sean Case, Senior Vice President of Peanut Labs, along with guest speakers: Katie Drewel, Workplace Program Educator, The American Red Cross; Cathy Allin, President & CEO, Decision Insight; Erika Harriford-McLaren, External Relations, ESOMAR; Brandie Conforti, Director of Corporate Relations, Partners In Health; and Stacy Howard, Community Relations Director, The Salvation Army.

Sponsored by the ARF, ESOMAR and the MRGA, this live session will cover:

• detailed information regarding Haiti relief efforts of the American Red Cross, Partners In Health and The Salvation Army;
• how one market research firm is utilizing their resources to help support orphanages in both Romania and Haiti;
• tips on how to use market research as a vehicle to support social causes;
• and ideas of how your firm can get involved with the different aid and relief efforts established by companies and NGOs worldwide.

Register today to find out more about how your organization can help those affected by the recent earthquake in Haiti.

Title: Take a Stand for Haiti: 60 Minutes on How Your Organization Can Get Involved
Date: Wednesday, February 3, 2010
Time: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM PST


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