Ten Social Game Publishers Choose Peanut Labs Media to Provide Survey-Based Monetization

Surveys, offers, and direct payments provide flexible opportunities to monetize online games.

SAN FRANCISCO, January 26, 2010: Peanut Labs Media, the only company that offers social game publishers monetization opportunities through surveys, offers, and direct payments, today announced a partnership with ten publishers across the social gaming industry.

The companies — Aeria Games; Backstage Technologies; Blue Frog Gaming; Challenge Online Games, Inc.; CyberStep; Gamepot USA, Inc.; Large Animal LLC; Ray Flame Entertainment, Inc.; SmallWorlds; Vogster Entertainment; and Zeevex — will join over 200 other partners who use the Peanut Labs Media Monetization Platform. Over 80 million social game users on Facebook and other social networks and destination sites use Peanut Labs Media technology to purchase virtual goods, earn credits, and participate in market research surveys.

Using the Peanut Labs Media Monetization Platform, game publishers can custom-tailor which direct payment options, offers, and market research surveys are available to players of each game title. The turnkey platform handles all billing and sales logistics, customer support, currency conversions, optimizations, and inquiry resolutions.

The opportunity to earn virtual goods by participating in Peanut Labs market research surveys has proven popular with users and lucrative for game publishers.

“Our platform gives publishers the greatest flexibility possible to earn the greatest revenue possible per title,” said Ali Moiz, Peanut Labs Media founder and Chief Operating Officer. “Our ongoing end-user resaearch reveals vital information, like the fact that gamers prefer surveys to other offers by a margin of nearly five-to-one.”

“The surveys provided by Peanut Labs perfectly augment our customers’ options to earn more of our games’ virtual currency,” said Russell Ovans, CEO of Backstage Technologies, publisher of Scratch and Win, the first lottery-style collecting game for Facebook. Backstage is currently monetizing four Facebook and three MySpace games with Peanut Labs surveys.

“PeanutLabs market research surveys are a unique and valuable option for SmallWorlds users wishing to earn, rather than pay for, virtual currency in our virtual world,” said Mitch Olson, co-founder of SmallWorlds, a browser-based 3D world.

“Our customers love Peanut Labs Media surveys for their high payouts and reliability,” said Matt Maroon, CEO of Blue Frog Gaming, publisher of Starfleet Commander and Football Tycoon. “No other source of free credits even comes close.”

About Peanut Labs Media

Peanut Labs Media is a social monetization company that helps publishers maximize their earning potential via virtual goods and currencies offered through the proper mix of global payments, surveys and offers. Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, with offices in Seattle and New York, the company currently manages monetization for more than 200 million monthly website visitors. The company has won numerous awards, including the FAST Top 50 2008 Ranking and the Advertising Research Foundation’s 2008 Silver Innovation Award. To learn more, visit http://www.peanutlabsmedia.com.


Jonathan E Cowperthwait
415-869-8579 x.712


2 Responses

  1. After filling in a few surveys I find that I often get disqualified after completion. You still get the data but don’t reimburse the participant. Or you can say that data from disqualified participants is not used. In this case I see many people giving false answers just to qualify. Your data will be biased or at the least, corrupt. You should consider giving partial reward for any completed surveys.

  2. Thanks for the , I’ll keep checking back for more stuff, bookmarked!

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