The Gaming Will Continue: Our Social Gaming Panel at Google

At Peanut Labs, we’ve decided a great new metric to gauge the success of an event is n, where  n = the number of pizzas consumed during the affair. Number of pizzas consumed during our social gaming panel on Thursday: forty-seven. We were very pleased with the number of industry people who were willing to drive down (or up) to Mountain View, in the pouring rain, to attend our panel at Google last Thursday.

Google’s Rahul Kulkarni opened the evening with an informative presentation on the status of Orkut and the potential opportunities for game publishers that exist on the site. The panel discussion followed, moderated by Peanut Lab’s co-founder and COO Ali Moiz. The debate format was utilized for the discussion, which featured: Daniel James, Co-founder and CEO, Three Rings; Wilson Kriegel, VP of Business Development and Ad Sales, Outspark; Lisa Marino, Chief Revenue Officer, RockYou; Mark Rose, Director of Product, Payments and Platform, Playspan; Eric Eldon, Editor, Inside Social Games; and Jonathan Flesher, VP of Business Development, Zynga.

The topic of discussion was partly inspired by Daniel James’ recent post on his blog, The Flogging Will Continue, which lists his twelve predictions for the direction of social gaming in 2010. After James set the dialogue in motion with three of those predictions, a lively panel discussion ensued. The five industry heavy-weights seated in Google branded director’s chairs, took turns at the mic to communicate their views.

Sometimes the panelists agreed with one another, sometimes quite the opposite occurred, but they all took turns articulating their positions. The illustrious panel closed with questions from the audience followed by the second installment of pizzas.

In the ever-changing environment of social gaming, we found it invaluable to spend an evening together sharing ideas and discussing the things that matter to us. In case we didn’t have the opportunity to speak with you personally, Peanut Labs would like to express our gratitude to those of you who came and participated, and invite anyone who missed it to view the video by clicking here.

To read Eric Eldon’s thoughts about the event on Inside Social Games, click here.


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