The Evolution of Gaming

Gone are the days where you would have to go to your local video game store, purchase a game, bring it back home and start playing. These days gaming has evolved to the point where we can access any game, from any genre, from anywhere around the world. All made possible through gaming on social media.

I personally think it’s amazing on how popular gaming on social media sites has grown to. I remember not too long ago playing puzzle games on Facebook in between classes, or just to pass the time. Now it’s grown to a virtual phenomenon with popular games like Farmville and Zoo World.

When you look at the target market for games on social networking sites, it becomes clear that the demographic is very mass market and thus provides enormous growth potential. This potential is already being realized through the millions of users playing these games even as you’re reading this blog.

The simplicity, accessibility, large communities, and entertainment appeal are all attributes to what makes these games so successful. These games aren’t the kind of games you would typically find at a video game store. In general the games you see on social networking sites have no story, no real developed characters, or multi-million dollar budgets. They are simple, entertaining and always keep you wanting more.

This type of gaming could be what signifies the future of the gaming industry. Developing and distributing games through this medium offers a whole new gaming experience. One where users can not only get right into the action of their favorite game, but also invite their friends and join larger communities in a matter of seconds. And for publishers this provides a way to acquire a large user base almost instantaneously through Facebook’s already massive community.

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