Social Media Gamers sample released today

Peanut Labs launches gamers sample with access to over 194,000 gamers.

San Francisco, CA – December 15, 2009 Peanut Labs announced today the launch of a new gamers sample consisting of over 194,000 US gamers. The gamers are recruited through social media channels like Electronic Arts, facebook, myspace & google open social and have been extensively profiled on a variety of attributes.

Peanut Labs’ “Social Media Gamers” sample offers Market Researchers a chance to better understand what forces are involved in shaping and influencing today’s gamers, with fast, accurate and representative sample across over 200 unique social media sources. Peanut Labs has access to more than 194,000 gamers that play console, PC, handheld and online games. Along with standard demographic profiling, Peanut Labs also has profiled for retail preferences, game genres, console ownership and frequency of play.  Scott Astor, partner at GMRG, believes Peanut Labs’ “Social Media Gamers” sample is exactly the type of gaming information they were looking for. “I have been looking for fast, accurate gaming sample, and Peanut Labs exceeded my expectations”.

A recent study administered by Peanut Labs using its newly developed “Social Media Gamers” sample illustrated that 73% of all gaming takes place online through personal computers and gaming consoles, and 47% of all games played are being played through social and independent online platforms. Between December 9th and 19th, Peanut Labs surveyed 6,505 gamers between the ages of 16 and 70. This data shows that an average gamer will play between 5 and 15 hours per week, and that 5% of gamers will play more than 40 hours! “Social Media Gamers” data found that 70% of gamers plan on purchasing a major gaming console in the near future (Nintendo Wii is the most popular), and over 60% will purchase all games and consoles at a traditional bricks and mortar game stores like GameStop or Wal-Mart.

With the recent success of “Social Media Gamers” in the US, Peanut Labs is planning on aggressively launching its sample in 18 additional countries during the first quarter of 2010.

Pricing and Availability

The Peanut Labs “Social Media Gamers” Sample is available now, for more information contact Sean Case at or


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  1. Nice! Glad you guys could assemble this. We struggled with researching gamer communities a few years ago, where I used to work. That was before social media gaming and a critical mass of FaceBook, myspace, and Google communities existed, as they do today.

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