Peanut Labs and Rockhopper Research team up for an electronics survey

Naughty or Nice? Video Games Top Santa’s “Nice” List for Electronics While Netbooks Replace Coal!
November 26, 2009

Rockhopper Research, in partnership with Peanut Labs and MRGA, announces CEST 2009 – a survey of 1,000+ holiday shoppers conducted November 19 and 20. The full summary report – Consumer Electronics Shopping Trends: Holidays 2009 will be released today. Some highlights include:

  • Electronic gifts of various types are on the lists of 83% of holiday shoppers
  • Walmart and Best Buy are projected to sell 65% of all planned electronics purchases
  • Amazon will sell more electronics than Sears and Kmart combined
  • Online shoppers plan to buy more electronic items per person than in-store shoppers
  • A free copy of the summary report is available for download at:
    Consumer Electronics for Holidays 2009.pdf

    Rockhopper Research is also offering details on these and other findings, including detailed projections for major brands, different types of electronic items, major retail outlets, and how they are projected to intersect.
    For more information on how brands will fare across electronics items and which retailers are favored for the hottest items, contact Rockhopper Research on the web or contact Mary Samuelson or Bill Weylock.


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