TiVo and Google team up to watch what you watch

TiVo and Google have reached a partnership to integrate its second-by-second time shifted TV viewing data into the measurement of ads sold through the Google TV Ads platform.

Google TV Ads is a flexible, all-digital system for buying more accountable and measurable TV advertising. Using AdWords interface, you can launch a TV advertising campaign in minutes and reach 96 million households.

With this deal, Google is able to monitor TiVo’s 1.6 million subscribers’ viewing habits and are able to enhance the measurement and accountability of ad impressions for inventory sold using the Google TV Ads auction-based system. The deal covers all TV signal sources including digital cable, analog cable, satellite and over the air TV.

According to MrWeb: ‘Google TV Ads measures specific commercial ratings not simply averages, which is a key attribute of the TiVo data,’ said Todd Juenger, VP & General Manager, TiVo Audience Research & Measurement. ‘By using TiVo’s massive samples and second-by-second granularity in its currency measurement, Google TV Ads can now provide an order of magnitude of improved accountability for advertisers.’




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