Zynga removing all offers

Mike Arrington was not kidding when he said he would be watching Facebook game application companies and their offers. Over the weekend Arrington went on the attack again against Zynga, and CEO Mark Pincus. Arrington accused Zynga of blocking “scammy” offers from going into his and other prominent bloggers IP address, but allowing the offers to be provided to the everyday user.


This was quite an accusation that Zynga and Pincus immediately vehemently denied. “with regards to yesterday’s incident, the offer provider, doubleding, told us this was the result of their failure to remove an optimization queue which was still showing these ads to 10% of pageviews. i want to be clear that Zynga had no control over the pages being shown and never filtered them from Arrington’s or anyone’s view”. That was part of the statement released by Pincus, and Zynga.


This could have been an honest mistake by Zynga and their offer provider DoubleDing, which is Zynga has invested in. Or it could be the conspiracy theory Arrington thinks it is. If you look at the screenshot below posted by Arrington you can see that his screen does not have the offers depicted in his post.

Picture 1

Either way, conspiracy, lies, or neither all offers on Zynga’s games are removed. Maybe it’s time to move to Market Research surveys??

We will keep you updated if any new details come in.


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  1. Thats some decent information there, very informative thanks.

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