Open Call for Questions for Users on Offer Controversy

We at Peanut Labs have been following the whole Arrington vs. Anu offer controversy with great interest. As we mentioned in our post earlier in the week, much of the ensuing discussion on TechCrunch and elsewhere has centered around improving user experience.

We attended the Digital Media Conference West last week and sat in on an inspiring keynote from Craig Newmark – Craig commented on craigslist’s user culture and (paraphrasing him here) stressed the idea that if you take care of your customers, your business will succeed.

At Peanut Labs our team works tirelessly to see that our customer issues are resolved in a timely and considerate manner -we’re interested in engaging our user base as deeply as possible on this issue with offers. Over the weekend, we posed questions related to alternate payment options in social games to 11,500 of our users and we’ll be surveying users again shortly.

Our background as a research survey platform places us in a unique position to obtain high volumes of anonymized data and we are excited to be able to contribute aggregate data on user feedback regarding payment options in social gaming.

As a user, what questions would you like to see us asking related to this whole controversy?

Email with your questions – we’ll pick the very best questions and add them to our next research survey.

For you curious folk out there in the blogosphere reading about users, a short explanation on how we get our users to fill out research surveys may be appropriate: We focus on pure research and anonymous data. Peanut Labs places market research surveys from leading market research firms such as Ipsos, Kantar and Nielsen on applications, social networks, blogs, and online games. Users give anonymous opinions on brands, movie trailers, etc. and for this valuable data, we compensate them with the appropriate in-game virtual currency or premium content – users generate value by giving us their time. Our largest verticals are consumer packaged goods, entertainment, and health care – industries that can afford to invest in market research and that depend on consumer opinions.


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