Facebook’s News feed redesign live at 10AM

Facebook is changing the way you see your newsfeed. Instead of just seeing a real time news feed, you will now get to experience the top post’s by your friends based on how many people comment and like on stories, who you’re close with, and who you interact with frequently. This new name for the news feed will be “Todays top News”.

Picture 14

Facebook is also reissuing user activity stories back to the News Feed – like friend acceptances, relationship updates, event RSVPs, group memberships, and becoming a fan of a Page. In the real time stream, only explicitly “shared” content appeared in the stream.

The real-time stream will still be available by clicking the “live feed” tab at the top of the page. Instead of having to click to get the new updates to open, it will actually be a live feed.

Picture 15

By changing this feature, Facebook believes it will maximize user engagement, and bring the most valuable content to users.

Im definitely interested in seeing how and if this will change the way people check Facebook. When any new information comes in I will post an update.

On another Note:

Ali Moiz Co-Founder of Peanut Labs will be speaking at the Social Media Worldforum on 11/9-11/10. If you would like come see Ali speak and enjoy the conference with a 20% discount email your bookings to Richard@sixdegs.com  with promo code ‘#smwfplabs’ or call the booking hotline at +44 (0) 117 946 8876.

Ali will be highlighting:

  • Monetizing social games & virtual currency
  • Challenges of monetizing games
  • What opportunities exist for brands within social gaming?

Ali Pic


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