Co-Founder to speak at FailCon

Peanut Labs co-founder Ali Moiz will be speaking at the up coming FailCon Conference on Tuesday, Oct 27th.

FailCon is a full-day event focusing on the trials and tribulations of successful entrepreneurs. Since most successful entrepreneurs have had to deal with some sort of failure one way or another, FailCon was created to highlight these failures and  how to recover from them financially, emotionally, and practically.

During Ali’s 4pm speaking spot he will be highlighting missed opportunities and mistakes by Peanut Labs. The missed opportunities came on the assumption that certain advertising wouldn’t work with end-users. This made the company hold back on expanding the Survey/offer inventory into other advertising areas, and allowed competition to surpass.

Some other question that will be addressed during FailCon:
* How do VCs handle failing investments?
* How NOT to build a social app
* What are some social web branding failures, and how can you avoid them now?
* How do you financially prepare for the possibility of failure: legally, fiscally, and in your team?
* What have some of the leading executives today learned from their past experiences?
* What are you watching out for with the current social web and rising companies?
* How do you recover from a failed product or marketing campaign?
* And how do you let it all go if you must?

Ali will be speaking at 4pm in the “Stories from the Field” section of the event. For a 25% discount on tickets please click the link below.

Ali Pic>


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