Cafe World’s Rise

Zynga’s “Café World” began its first week with gaining 8.6 million users. This is an astounding number for a Facebook application that was just launched. Zynga, the leading facebook game application developer, has once again hit gold with their own version of online restaurant management. Below you can see their growth curve and how quickly the application caught on.

Cafe World Stats

Café World is an Application that puts you in charge of your own restaurant. From hiring your staff (other FB friends) to cooking the food. Your success as a restaurant owner is entirely in your hands, similar to Playfish’s Restaurant City, with a few slight differences.


Zynga’s success with their Cafe World application has evolved mainly on the heels of their incredible knack of cross promotion. With successful applications like Mafia Wars, FarmVille and YoVille, the chance that users are going to use their newer applications increases substantially. Here are some examples of how Zynga is cross promoting.

The easy to use built in bar below allows Zynga application users to easily navigate form one game to the next.

Cross Promo

They are also directing traffic by allowing users who might be getting tired of one virtual setting, to move onto the next.

Cross Promo2

With Zynga’s Applications like Cafe World growing at such a fast pace, and with word of them going public, their innovation and dominance should lead the Facebook application world for some time to come. And for any other company that develops a game that gets traction, Zynga has the ability to come in and do it better.


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