Release of US Virtual Goods Report

Justin Smith, the founder of Inside Network, and Charles Hudson, VP Business Development of Virtual Goods Summit, are releasing a report tomorrow analyzing and forecasting the US Virtual Goods Market. Charles and Justin spoke with dozens of execs and entrepreneurs from all parts of the Virtual Goods ecosystem to gather data and information to help them materialize their report.

This will be one of the first times in the US someone has broken down virtual goods detailed estimates, analyses and predictions for 2009 and 2010. The Report is designed for entrepreneurs, investors and analysts interested in the growth of online commerce and is broken into four sections.

Social Networks, Applications and Games:

Casual MMO’s and Virtual Worlds:

Hardcore MMO’s and Free-to-play online games, and Emerging Areas:

Consoles, iPhone and subscription MMO’s:

Each of these sections will contain A brief history of the evolution and growth of this space in the US, estimates of the size of the market in 2009, and a diagnosis of the opportunities and issues of that space, including outlook and prediction for 2010.

This report is something many people in this business are going to need to get their hands on.

To learn more or to purchase this report early, click the link below.


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