Where’s the Love? Media-Screen’s CEO Shares his Vision of Market Research

Housed in a beautifully restored historic building in San Francisco’s mission district, Media-Screen’s CEO Josh Crandall offers his unique perspective into the future of market research. “Well it’s evident that research as a whole is headed online,” said Josh, “we (the industry) have seen the change from random-digit dial as becoming less representative of research, to online surveys becoming a more acceptable methodology.”  


Josh Crandall, CEO (Media-Screen)


As I continue to point out, albeit ad nauseam, there continue to be challenges with integrating effective online survey strategy, and at the peak of these issues we find data quality.  “With effective survey design, respondent recruiting, and the use of behavioral-based analytics, we should essentially be able to weed out many of the quality issues plaguing online research.”  Mr. Crandall continues by adding, “The real issues facing the online research world are two part: one, is technical, the other is interpersonal.”  Josh makes the point that technical aspects of online research means that we face multiple analytic systems measuring data with their own set of standards.  And as we know, end-clients and market research firms draft their own standards too.  So in trying to cope with a lack of quality standards, Josh reiterated the need for two primary elements of effective online research: consumer engagement and effective survey design.

“It seems the industry doesn’t look favorably on professional survey takers, and I think that’s crazy, we should cherish these consumers, even reward them.”  Josh is speaking at the heart of consumer engagement.  It appears that there’s a bit of love lost amongst the survey takers and market researchers, and not enough to be done to bridge the gap between the huge online population willing to boast their opinions anywhere they can, to honest respondents taking the time to thoroughly complete an online survey.  “We need to respect respondents’ time,” said Josh,” while continuing to conduct good research.”

Though I have conducted many an interview, there are times when someone can really strike a cord, priming your heart strings for a refreshing new tonality.  This was the case as Josh spoke so passionately about consumer engagement. “Online research is a reflection of where the market lives today.  We simply need to ask the right questions to really engage consumers in the place where they live.”



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