Custom Couture: An Interview with Decipher’s Dynamic President


It’s Monday, May 12th, the sun shining through San Francisco’s always metropolitan financial district, and I’m lucky enough to be joined on the phone lines by Kristin Luck, President of Decipher.  As a leading market research expert, Kristin has answered a few questions we have regarding the state of the industry, and where we’re heading in the years to come.


Kristin Luck

Kristin Luck, President (Decipher)


When asked about the future of online research, Kristin explained that online market research is here to stay, but that it is important to see online research as a part of the broader whole of “offline” research, which includes the increasingly popular trend of mobile research.  Kristin added that all research platforms evolve over time, and online research is one of those powerful mediums that is continuing to evolve.

There are many issues that are currently demanding the research industry’s attention, however, Kristin suggested that online data quality continues to be a primary and most relevant issue.   Ms. Luck feels that data quality is client-driven, and should not be thought of as a negative thing.  Yes, this suggests that the big client challenge still remains, with each client boasting its own need for quality standards, leaving no clear cut standard as to general data quality expectations.  But regardless if a client grabs hold of quality initiatives or not, Kristin and her team at Decipher have implemented several best practices to ensure the very best online research quality.  From implementing intuitive survey traps to deploying the revolutionary Optimus digital fingerprinting technology, Kristin goes above and beyond to ensure unparalleled data quality is delivered to all her clients.

The future is an uncertain place, but Kristin feels that an ongoing adaptation to relevant trends, such as mobile research and self-serve research tools, will continue to drive Decipher as an industry leader in high quality market research.  Armed with an in-house development team whose sole mission in life is to customize client-facing research applications, Decipher’s custom couture is a refreshing new wardrobe design for an otherwise off-the-shelf laden industry.



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