CASRO Intl. Conference


1:35 pm: Eileen A. Campbell from Millward Brown talking about going international. Good 101 talk. Lots of multimedia – cool audio and video. Shes an impressive speaker.

Eileen: “Need mind, heart and stomach”. That pretty much sums it up.

Great comment on risk. Ability to take risk is inversely proportional to the size of the organization.

2:15 pm: Duane Berlin from CASRO (General Counsel). Chief Privacy Guru. Talking about EU Safe Harbor. General overview and background. This is useful stuff.

Duane: “Worst of both worlds” (on why not to sign up).

Based on our experience if you’re planning to work with any major client, they will require you to certify. So might as well get it done, and over with sooner than later.

Hes getting into a lot of details, which is a good thing. Boy i’m happy I didn’t have to go through this. Kudos to Ali (our COO) who got OptimusID certified.

Ended with saying no solution is perfect. I wish lawyers took sides more often.

Recent research conducted by Gallup (commissioned by the EU) show consumers have a low level of trust in research / panel companies (even lower than credit card companies). The trust level was down from a study done in 1996 on the same issue. Not good.

3:30pm: Reginald Baker, COO, Market Strategies International. Talk about the ISO 20252. Need a true commitment to quality. Don’t do it, just to put it on your website. Need certification bodies for the US. But in the UK, 37 companies have been certified.

ISO certification for access panels, sets a low bar. Will be finalized in Sydney in about 2 weeks. Takes usually about a year to become an official standard.

3:52pm: Erich Wiegand, the Association of German Market and Social Research Institutes (ADM). Funny guy. He believes ISO 20252 sets a good standard for research practice.

I’m skeptical about ISO DIS 26362 (standard for access panels). If you’ve had a chance to read through the draft, it reads more like a set of definitions rather than processes that improve quality. Sounds more and more like lip service.

There is going to be real cost for sample companies to get certified and to comply. The question that will drive this decision is will end clients pay more for quality. This is yet to be seen.

(sorry not blogging the last session of the day – need to get back to work)


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