Website Monetization: What’s the Buzz?


The buzzing sound you hear may just be the pale drumming of your repetitious mouse clicks, but the fact is each click proves that website monetization continues to be a popular topic and important strategic discussion.  On the other hand, recent studies show that SEO marketing/advertising programs are only proving their weight with companies promoting their buzz in order to generate potentially purchase-ready consumer traffic.

And unfortunately for the seemingly logical deduction of SEO philosophy, increased traffic does not always translate to increased revenue. In reality, increased traffic generally means increased traffic, and maybe a loyal blogger, reader, or price-shopper. The real task at hand is turning traffic and viewership into money.

Even social networking sites are the not the holy grail money pots once thought. A 2007 Parks Associates study showed that 72% of 18-25 year olds would stop using social networking sites if a fee of only $2 was initiated. In addition, it’s increasingly difficult to generate ads directed to a target market sector, when the social networks’ demographics are as diverse as the ads that could be generated. Similarly, studies have shown that dramatically increased traffic from well-optimized buzz topics does not necessarily translate to increased ad clicks. Be sure not to forecast that PPC revenue to the bottom-line either.

That said, online marketing research continues to be a leading source of high-quality, sustainable revenue for publishers and social networks alike. With the ability to virtually incentivize members, to the increased percentage of ads hitting their captive audience, online MR proves to be the pivotal factor in website monetization strategy.





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