Purge the Bogus – Crack the Fraud!

This week, online sample supplier Peanut Labs has been featured in two MR industry news portals. These leading news sites boasted headlines such as, “Peanut Labs Aims to Purge Bogus Response,” and “Peanut Labs Attempts to Crack the Panel Fraud Problem.”

This news coverage is likely the result of the release of an innovative new system that locates and eliminates duplicate and/or fraudulent online research respondents. The system, called OptimusID, actually creates a digital fingerprint of the computer used to complete research, and tags the computer for only a single use within in a particular study.

OptimusID seeks to reinstate the integrity of the online MR marketplace, and associated sample populations, by testing systems that will dramatically reduce the incidence of several MR challenges, including dupes, speeding, straight-lining, and satisficing.


One Response

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